Selecting the Right Temperature Sensor for Your Application

Thermocouples are two wire devices made up from dissimilar metal welded together which afterward irate manufacture a little millivolt potential. The output depends on the materials of construction considering a collection range of stand-in materials for differing applications and temperature ranges, which is habit on top of the scope of this article. For example a general low cost thermocouple would be a type K which is manufactured from Nickel and Chromium and produces an output of 41V/oC innate a magnetic material can cause some problems in the manner of linearity at temperatures above 350C this is over uncovered the scope of this article. For well ahead temperature applications Type B, R or S can be used happening to 1600C these thermocouples are considerably more expensive creature manufactured from Platinum / Rhodium past an output of 10VC.

The disadvantage of thermocouples is they cannot be related to normal copper cable as unconventional junction of temperature sensor thermocouple  dissimilar metals would be made in the connecting head which would moreover build a millivolt signal and in view of that an error.

So a cable gone the thesame characteristics as the thermocouple must be used to be next to urge on to the temperature controller this is called compensating cable. The relationship at the instrument terminals behind the comp cable can develop a little millivolt potential which needs to be compensated for this is often referred to as the cool junction temperature.

The temperature instrument or transmitter supplies a low voltage to the platinum resistance sensor which causes a current to flow; making an electrical circuit.

By ohms achievement the voltage drop in the circuit and correspondingly the current flow is proportional to the resistance in the circuit. As the temperature increases the resistance of the PT100 increases:- this is a clear temperature coefficient. The trouble taking into consideration the two wire configuration is the instrument reads the resistance of the connecting cable as competently as the temperature sensor.

A two wire 4-20mA temperature transmitter offers truthfulness signal transfer exceeding an involved push away stirring to 1000 metres away. We would recommend the TT100 4-20mA Temperature Transmitter paired similar to a BC7635 Controller as a usual alternative.

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