The present State Of Nigerian Governmental policies

Nigeria is officially called to as Federal republic of Nigeria. It is a country comprising of 36 states and the administrative centre territory, Abuja. Nigeria is positioned in West Africa and shares borders with Benin, Chad, Cameroon, Niger. Due to its large population and economy, Nigeria is also sometimes referred to as the Giant of The african continent. During the current yr, Nigeria’s GDP became the most significant in whole of Africa. Its economy is currently worth $500 billion dollars.

Nigeria houses several hundred or so Nigeria Entertainment  . It is approximately divided between Christians and Muslims who inhabit the southern area of and central, and N . and southwestern regions correspondingly.

Though Boko Haram is the immediate and most potent threat which has plagued the security situation in many parts of the country, like the Delta, it is, rarely ever, the only threat affecting Nigeria, its people and their economy.

Nigeria is also affected by widespread corruption and frequent political turmoil which has hindered the business of a suitable investment environment. Nigerian leaders have been unable to develop and implement a personal formula that would bring ability to this essential oil producing nation. As a result, the security of foreign companies and their assets is continually at risk.

Due to its importance, the political and security situation in Nigeria has been constantly screened and scrutinized by professionals and international security experts. The findings and analysis of these professionals are provided in the form of reports and assessment of the recent news that may affect the situation in Nigeria and the neighboring counters. Apart from keeping an eye on the safety situation of the country, these experts also analyze the growth in the oil & gas sector as well as issues related to investments.

Nigeria also looks a long-term investment shortfall owing to the questions in the oil industry. New oil production is also marred by problem and governance issues face by the NNPC which is owned by the state. The problem makes it necessary for each and every company that is operating in Nigeria to remain abreast of the recent news about the country.

Corruption is another widespread problem. The essential oil money earned in the past four decades has not been managed well. This money has swelled the lender accounts of politicians and their cronies leaving very little for infrastructure development and monetary growth. In the event corruption can be cut down or minimized, it would have a big positive impact on Nigeria as well as its people.

One of the key impediments to progress in the country is the diversity and a shortage of genuine federalism which means that the centre is much too powerful. The component units of the federation are poor and unable to exercise self determination. Nigeria requires federalism in the true sense of the term where each unit can manage its affairs while staying an integral part of the whole.

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